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Final Stakeholder Conference

Conference Videos 

Videos of the conference, which tool place in the Alcide de Gasperi room at the Charlemagne Building in Brussels on Monday 15th March 2010,  can be streamed from the following links:

  • Video 1 (2hrs 8 mins): Conference opening and presentations on background and introduction to the project/conference, and on the illustrative scenario tool
  • Video 2 (35 mins): Presentation on the review of other transport scenarios
  • Video 3 (1hr 58 mins): Presentations on technical measures to reduce transport emissions, and on radical future technologies and concepts (1hr 58mins)
  • Video 4 (1 hr 50 mins): Presentations on non-technical measures to reduce transport emissions, on conclusions on reducing transport's GHG emissions to 2050, and conference close

Papers and presentations

SULTAN lllustrative Scenarios Tool – Beta version 3 (zip file - 8.47MB) updated 24/05/10


Session 1: The context and project approach

Background and introduction to the project and conference (Ian Skinner, AEA Associate)

Introduction to, and findings from, the illustrative scenarios tool (Nik Hill, AEA)

Review of other transport scenarios (Huib va Essen, CE Delft)

Session 2: Policy frameworks for reducing transport's GHG emissions to 2050

Policy framework for reducing GHG emissions by decarbonising transport fuels and improving vehicle efficiency (Richard Smokers, TNO)

Radical future transport technologies and concepts (Sujith Kollamthodi, AEA)

Policy framework for reducing transport's GHG emissions by improving the efficiency of the transport system and addressing demand (Huib va Essen, CE Delft)

Conclusions on reducing transport's GHG emissions to 2050 (Huib va Essen, CE Delft)