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Focus Group Meeting 3

The third focus group meeting took place in Brussels on 28th November 2011.

This meeting focused on the co-benefits and cost-effectiveness of GHG reduction options and instruments. Many options and policy instruments for reducing the GHG emissions of transport have important co-benefits. This includes reduction of pollutant emissions, noise, accidents, adverse health effects and congestion. In addition to this the cost effectiveness of various reduction options and policies is another key parameter for developing decarbonisation strategies.  In this meeting both issues are discussed, starting from the draft results of the ongoing project from Task 1 (on co-benefits) and Task 8 (on cost effectiveness).

Documents relating to the meeting are available for download below:



 1. Routes to 2050 II - Proj Intro FocusG 3+4 28Nov11 FINAL

 2. Routes to 2050 II - Task 1 Co-benefits FocusG 3_28Nov11 FINAL

 3. Routes to 2050 II - Task 8 Focus Group 3 28Nov11

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Comments, Feedback and Additional Information

Please send any comments on the workshop and draft papers, or any additional information/evidence to the following before end December 2011:

Charlotte Brannigan (Task 1 Leader) -

Arno Schroten (Task 8 Leader) - 

Nikolas Hill (Overall Project Manager) -


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