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Illustrative Scenarios Tool

The SULTAN (SUstainabLe TrANsport) Illustrative Scenarios Tool has been developed as a high-level calculator (not an in-depth model) to help provide indicative estimates of the possible impacts of policy on transport in the EU (primarily energy use and GHG emissions, also costs, energy security, NOx and PM emissions).  The purpose of the tool is to allow the quick scoping of a wide range of transport policy options to help get a feel for what scale of action might be required and will also be used as part of the analysis for the final written technical outputs of the project.

EU Transport GHG: Routes to 2050 II project 

Final updates to the SULTAN tool, its viewer and accompanying scenario files (all zipped Excel files) are provided below:

Updated SULTAN User Guide (updated 08/06/12) 

SULTAN Illustrative Scenarios Tool (Version 6.1) - (6.5MB, updated 08/06/12)

SULTAN Results Viewer (Version 5.2) - (0.8MB, updated 05/09/12)

Policy Scenario Databases and Pre-Generated Results files (updated 08/06/12): 

Note: all Excel files need to be extracted from their zipped versions downloaded fromthe website and saved to a folder on your computer in order for them to work properly, and macros need to be enabled to use the SULTAN Tool and Results Viewer. 

SULTAN Tool: This is the main tool that is used in combination with a policy scenario database file to generate scenario results.  The scenarios defined in the policy database file can be edited in a more user-friendly way within this tool, or new scenarios created.

Policy Database File: This file holds all the detailed scenario data in a flat file format and is used in combination with the SULTAN tool to generate scenario results.

SULTAN Results Viewer: The viewer is used in combination with the scenario results file generated by running SULTAN, allows these results to be explored in a user-friendly way through a wide range of default tabes and charts.

Results File:  This file is generated by running the SULTAN tool and includes all the results  in a flat file format. Pre-generated results files including all the scenarios modelled in the project have been provided above.  However, these files can also be generated directly by the user by running the SULTAN tool with the corresponding policy scenario database.

More detailed information on the specific scenarios provided above is provided in the relevant project report. 


EU Transport GHG: Routes to 2050? project

A work in progress version of the tool was presented at the project Meeting 6 in Brussels on 15 February 2010 – a presentation can be found here, with the first full beta version presented at the final stakeholder event here.

The final version of the tool is freely available for download and use below:

SULTAN lllustrative Scenarios Tool – Final version (zip file - 9.73MB updated 11/10/10)*

The zip file contains three MS Excel spreadsheets (in Excel 97-2003 compatible file format):

  1. the SULTAN Illustrative Scenarios Tool itself;
  2. a pre-populated Illustrative Scenarios file; and
  3. the SULTAN Results Viewer to allow the outputs from the tool (generated as a separate file) to be quickly analysed.

A full description of the development, data sources and definition of illustrative scenarios and summary of the results may be found in Project Report VII, which is available for download from the Reports section of this website. This report also includes a basic user guide. Alternatively, a stand-alone version of the user guide is available for download here.

In addition, a pre-generated results file with all the scenario outputs is available for download here (zip file - 7.52MB updated 11/10/10)*.

The tool has been pre-populated with 20 policy scenarios (plus a number of variants), and offers the option of adding user-generated scenarios.


 * This is an updated version correcting errors for CNG and EV technology efficiencies for Medium and Heavy Trucks and for Buses present in the previous 14/06/10 version.


Last Updated on Wednesday 5 September 2012