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Second Large Stakeholder Conference

The final stakeholder conference for the EU Transport GHG: Routes to 2050 II project took place in Brussels on 23rd February 2012.

At this final stakeholder conference an outline of the project and final results for the different project tasks was presented.  The presented information included a broad range of GHG reduction scenarios for transport until 2050, as developed in the project. The scenarios show how the long term targets can be met but also reveal potential impacts tied to the main uncertainties and the impact of choices/actions on the shorter term (2020).  

The illustrative scenario tool SULTAN which was developed in the previous project (EU Transport GHG: Routes to 2050) has also been further developed. It was demonstrated how this tool works and how you could use it for analysing policy scenarios.

A key issue for the climate policy of transport is the link with the wider economic development. One session on the conference focused on this topic. This included a panel discussion with representatives from among others the EEA, CLECAT and Transport & Environment. The panel discussed the challenge of combining economic development and climate objectives, including the impacts of the economic crisis.  


Documents relating to the meeting are available for download below:



1. Routes to 2050 II - Proj Intro FConf23Feb12 FINAL

2. Routes to 2050 II - Scenario Analysis FConf23Feb12 FINAL

3. Routes to 2050 II - ES Co-Benefits FConf23Feb12 FINAL

4. Routes to 2050 II - T7 PolicyBy2020 FConf23Feb12 FINAL

5. Routes to 2050 II - SULTAN Demo FConf23Feb12 FINAL

6. Routes to 2050 II - Decoupling+AltRoutes FConf23Feb12 FINAL

6b. Routes to 2050 II - Panel discussion FConf23Feb12 FINAL

7. Routes to 2050 II - Highlights FConf23Feb12 FINAL 

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Please send any comments on the meeting, project task papers, or any additional information/evidence to the following:

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Task 3, 5: Richard Smokers (TNO) -

Task 4, 8: Huib van Essen (CE Delft) -

Task 6: Matthew Morris (AEA) -

All: Nikolas Hill (Overall Project Manager, AEA) - 

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